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Who are we

As a professional accounting firm, we offer accounting, tax, payroll and consulting services to companies and individuals nationwide. Our registrations department can assist with company registrations, close corporation amendments, conversions, annual return submissions, etc.

Our services

We approach all assigned tasks with the precision and dedication you would generally expect from an accounting firm, and with professional knowledge, experience, and skills we provide services to all types of businesses.

Client relations

Our service professionals build strong client relationships based on open communication with each client and we believe that the trust clients put in them is paramount.

All out staff team members are passionate about what they do by rolling up their sleeves and working hard to help clients get down to what needs to be done.

Professionally qualified

As qualified SAIPA (SA) practitioners and qualified independent reviewers, we can also assist most businesses with value added services, such as accounting officer appointment, conduction independent reviews and assisting with annual audits.


With 20 years experience we bring expertise, integrity and professionalism to every task we take.

Level of service

Taxation can be the most complicated and stressful part of your statutory return submissions and we believe that all our clients are entitled to the highest level of service, irrespective if you a small company or larger organization!

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